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Fade Festival 2011

“The Particle” was invited to take part in the third edition of the festival “FADE”

The Particle
16 july 2011
La Cellera de Ter, Girona

FADE is a different and unique summer festival in Catalonia tries to combine the playful aspects of digital art and electronic music with all matters relating to new technologies in artistic creation. The aim is clear: to be a showcase of digital art and electronics and also bring them all and link all those working in this field in the village, the surrounding region and Catalonia. Therefore, the association FADE collaborates with organizations such as Telenoika, LabFàbrica of Celrà or Hangar in Barcelona.

Alex Posada has been a guest to taking part in the central event of the festival that took place on July 16.

Thanks to the whole equipment of FADE. Specially to David and to his two companions of battle for the great effort that they are doing in order that the festival is kept alive and for trying to take the digital art to the regions and persons to whom this type of offers are not in the habit of coming.


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