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THE PARTICLE – kinetic sculpture (2010)

“The Particle” is a kinetic sculpture that experiments with color, sound and movement.


“The Particle” is a kinetic sculpture that experiments with color, sound and movement. The continuous rotation, speed and light create visual POV effects that define the spatial structure of the object. The translucent skin created from the moving light becomes visible, creating shape and volume, both inside and outside the object. How light emerges from the limited movement of each of the rings when there is a change in external conditions (visitors) or there is a random mutation. The sculpture forms and reacts by generating events that modulate the sound and space, constantly changing atmosphere and perception. Given that the regulatory mechanism of the entire design is based on the decision making haphazard manner, the new models are emerging from the previous naturally. The vibration of sound, color and visual patterns evolve into chaos or order according to evolutionary algorithms that govern it. The structures generated in this process can not be anticipated and evolve through continual iterations involving alterations to the programs and exploring the changes through interaction with the visitor and the software. The object, at the same time is a space for sensory and kinesthetic experience, a body with its own internal resonance.
Alex Posada

≡ RGB leds, POV animation and robotic structure
≡ Custom hardware with zigbee wireless controllers
≡ Software for designing animation and controling lighting
≡ 3D sound

Support & credits
≡ Technology of the Kinetic Sculpture: MID
≡ Supported by and Strobe Festival
≡ Developper team: Bartosz Zygmunt, M. A. de Heras, Raul M. Beteta
Detailed project description
PDF document (910 KB)
The Particle @ The City
The Particle @ Mapping Festival 2010
The Particle @ ARS Electronica 2011

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