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90/10 interview

Recently the Argentine magazine of design 90/10 has published in his nº33 an interview to Alex Posada.

90+10 it is a magazine dedicated to design, creativity, art, mode, technology, music and lifestyle.

In this edition, 90+10 speaks specially on the incorporation of the technology in our cultural, creative and professional life. He analyzes the form in which there are consumed today the art, the music, the books, the movies: in digital format and online, and it shows the last electronic available devices to enjoy this new custom.

As for the creative persons, it presents Paul Priestman, designer Englishman, the director of Priestmangoode, company dedicated to the project development that go from the design of planes and trains up to the development of sensors of water consumption and radiators with design; Alex Posada, an electronic engineer, specialized in the development of multimedia and interaction projects; and the designer of author Valeria Pesqueira, creative of article that they imply the development of prints with infantile references and tender images.

A complete copy of the interview.
90+10_33_AlexPosada.pdf (235 KB)


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