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TAPESTRY @ Chicks On Speed – installation (2009)

Theremin Tapestry was a musical instrument produced by Hangar and developed for the artistic group Chicks On Speed.

“Theremin Tapestry” is a musical instrument developed and produced in Hangar commissioned by the artist collective Chicks On Speed. The instrument is a carpet with the particularity that some fragments are woven with copper wire. These filaments are behaving as theremin antennas of four sensors that can detect the presence of the human body over a meter away. Theremin circuits have been developed by Andrei Smirnov and allow you to send digital data to a computer to convert your signal in any type of data control. The software analyzes the audio and calibrate the sensors in real time. It was developed using MaxMSP environment.
Chicks On Speed

≡ Theremin sensors
≡ Software for data reception and sensor calibration

≡ Sensors technology: Andrei Smirnov
≡ Produced by with the support of Victorian tapestry workshop
≡ Development team: Alex Posada, M. A. de Heras
≡ Composition and theremin player: Merche Blasco
Theremin Tapestry
Chicks On Speed

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