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DREAMS OF A TAP – interaction design (2008)

Design with water soul was an exhibition produced by Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid and the State Corporation for the Development of Design and Innovation.

Project developed by MID in collaboration with Hector Serrano Studio and Javier Esteban. “Dreams of a tap” was an exhibition co-produced between the “Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid” (CBA) and the “State Corporation for the Development of Design and Innovation” (DDI). The exhibition explores the relationship of objects between water and people, looking at design as an indispensable tool to achieve a human and clear dialogue between them. The content is shown through an archetypal object in our relationship with water: a tap. The tap becomes the narrator of our story, revealing to everyone each object in the exhibition. We have used three interactive installations to unveil the different projects: the well, the square, and the spring. The well is a metaphor to show 20 projects. Every time you turn one of the taps, a fact about water on our planet appears. The square demonstrates the creativity of designers when resolving the relationship between water and people and this is shown through six projects. When you open the tap, each of the projects are illuminated and the video accompanying them begins to play. The spring is an invitation to see water from another point of view, to admire its beauty and reflect upon its scarcity. It is an installation that allows to recreate a drop and to visualize it with an slow motion effect using strobe lights on fluorescent liquid and the persistence of vision technology.

≡ Video and interactive lighting
≡ Magenetic sensors
≡ Custom hardware for lighting and sensor control
≡ Custom software for video control and lighting synchronized

≡ Design: Hector Serrano Studio y Javier Esteban
≡ Technical direction: MID
≡ Visual & 3D design: Javier Esteban
≡ Software development: Alex Posada (MID)
≡ Electronic engineering: Alex Posada, M.A de Heras (MID)
≡ Assembly direction: Bartosz Zygmunt (MID)
≡ Carpentry and furniture: Kalle Ehlers, Bartosz Zygmunt

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