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MITOSIS @ Neuronoise – performance (2008)

“Mitosis” is a multimedia performance based in throw self made systems produced by Neuronoise.

“Mitosis” is a project in which several disciplines come together as the scenic arts, interaction, new media, music, sound and video. The performance departs from the work of research and developments of last years of the formation “Neuronoise”. Between the instruments developed for the spectacle they stand out: “Taktil” – multitouch table with graphical interface scenes control in real time-, “Kalimba” – electronic percussion instrument sensitive to the impact with feedback of RGB led light-, “Laser Harp” – melodic instrument created from issuing low power green color laser-, “Sensosphere” – interpretation instrument for constant parameters created using four infrared proximity sensors- and “Ledlamps” -light-Set of 1.20m sixteen LED RGB tower remote controlled-. All these instruments are articulated from a software developed in MaxMSP that handles the control of interfaces and sound generation. On the other hand another application created using OpenFrameworks platform receives input from the instruments to generate the visual universe that accompanies the show.
The project was made possible thanks to funding from entities such as: Department of Culture Generalitat of Catalunya,, Telenoika, Phonos Foundation and 30km/s Foundation.

≡ RGB leds.
≡ Infrared and piezoelectric sensors.
≡ Laser
≡ Custom hardware and zigbee wireless controllers
≡ Software for sound design, animation and control of light
≡ Visual creation software

Support & credits
≡ Idea, concept: Neuronoise
≡ Music, design and instruments production: Alex Posada, Carlos Martínez
≡ Electronic engineering: Alex Posada
≡ Software engineering: Alex Posada
≡ Script: Carlos Martínez
≡ Visuals and video software: Eloi Maduell
≡ Produced by Neuronoise with the support of Generalitat de Catalunya , Phonos Foundation,, 30km/s Foundation and Telenoika.
Mitosis@Working Progress’08

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